A gastronomical experience that will leave you satisfied, with a new appreciation for true local cuisine at its best — Food has a way of making us happy and there is no better way to experience it than amongst the local talent who create signature dishes that defines their culture. These unique eating experiences allow you to taste authentic cuisine while walking down the streets of its birthplace. 



Indulge in Jordaan

What better way to experience the hidden gems of Amsterdam than to taste your way through the narrow alleys of the quaint Jordaan district - a 17th century working class neighbourhood turned vibrant and resplendent haven, nestled between leafy canals, charming you with its unique Dutch cuisine. The 4 hour walking tours - Jordaan Food Tour and the Jordaan Food and Canals Tour - will satisfy you gastronomically and enrich you culturally.

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Taste Prague's Finest

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of Prague's old world charm as this four hour guided food tour takes you to rarely stumbled upon bistros, cafe's and restaurants, often enjoyed by locals exclusively. Experience the true people, food and culture of Prague as you enjoy this off the beaten path adventure - from meeting local chefs, to visiting a popular local brewery and tasting exquisite pieces of history, all thoughtfully put together by true foodie lovers.

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Delight in English Flavours

Delight your tastebuds and walking shoes in the tantalising neighbourhood of The East End. Three and a half hours and eight tastings later, through the streets filled with world famous street art, rich history and mesmerising food, will enchant you indefinitely.  A food and culture hub for over 400 years that will surely imprint on you and see you returning for more. Acquaint yourself with London's most fabulous borough.

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Authentic Italian Bliss

Spoilt for choice in this awe-inspiring city, Rome, emerges two neighbourhoods that will steal your heart. Testaccio and Trastevere will ignite tastes you have never before experienced with their variety of walking food tours and cooking classes. Cook Dinner with Nonna, send your kids to Pizza School, bedazzle yourself in the Taste of Testaccio, enthrall your tastebuds on the Daylight Trastevere Food Tour or romance on the Twilight Trastevere Food Tour. All unforgettable.

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What I love is to cook for someone. To put a freshly made meal on the table, even if it is something very plain & simple. It is a sincere expression of affection, an act of binding intimacy directed at whoever has a welcome place in your heart.
— Marcella Hazen